Each year, Karen and the Ramp create a place for thousands of young people around the world to encounter Jesus. Partner to see a generation of prodigals return. None of this would be possible without our Front Porch Partners.


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What is The Ramp?

While you’re watching the road, help us reach a generation of prodigals.

For more than 20 years, the Ramp has over 400k young people into life changing encounters with God. We’ve seen them set free from sin, addiction, depression, suicide and bondage. Through our conferences, school of ministry, travel events, social media, broadcast program and multiple church locations, the Ramp engages thousands of people each month with the transforming power of the gospel.

As we have taken a step of obedience and made all of our Ramp Conferences free at no cost to our attendees, we want to invite you to partner with us to awaken a generation by investing in the lives of young people through monthly partnership. Your monthly partnership covers the cost of registration and creates an opportunity for a young person to come at no cost and encounter Jesus. 

Eternal life change is made possible through your partnership. We continue to stand on this word: “What you invest in the lives of other young people, you’ll reap in your children.” We believe this promise is fulfilled as you join with us and make a way for a generation to encounter God.

Stories of Impact

Ramp UK

One night our team was doing outreach at the entrance of a huge night club in Manchester where we have the opportunity to speak to many individuals as they come in and out of the club. One young man had failed an attempt to jump the gates and was turned away from the club. With his shirt torn off and covered in blood from an altercation with the club’s security team, he walked right up to our team as we were ending our night in a group prayer. He came right into the middle and asked us if we could pray for him. “I can use all of the prayers I can get,” he said. As our team began to pray for him, many began to release words of knowledge over him. The Lord revealed that he was dealing with night terrors and anxiety. He was blown away that God told us what he was dealing with. These words of knowledge revealed to him that God saw him and cared for him. He decided not to go back in the club, so our team bought him an uber home and a young man on our team gave him the shirt off his back. He went out that night searching for something that a night out could never fulfill. Instead, he encountered a God who knows him, who is intimately acquainted with all his ways. 

Our team walked up to a man and asked if they could pray for him. He responded: “If you want to pray for me, ask your God what I need prayer for.” So our team all had the same word of knowledge for him about a disappointment/hurt in his childhood. When the team told him the word, he denied and said that wasn’t true, but continued to talk with them about Jesus. He began asking all kinds of questions about salvation and Christianity, and as our team conversed with him he began to open up and share his heart. By the end of the conversation he gave his life to Jesus and let our team pray for him! Not only that, but he later told them that the words of knowledge were actually right but he didn’t want to admit it. A few weeks later he attended Ramp church where our team was so excited to see him.

Ramp Events

I grew up majority of my life as a pastor’s kid, constantly going to church but only believing in the Lord, because it’s what my parents believed. Closer to high school, I began living in compromise, because I wanted to fit in and have the friends. In this lifestyle, I got caught up with my friends one night and was involved in a wreck resulting in losing a best friend. After that night, I couldn’t see how God could be real if something like this happened. I was severally injured and had serious brain trauma. I was depressed and having continuous panic attacks. I began drinking, doing any drugs I could get my hands on, and turning to men for validation. The relationship I was in at the time became abusive in every way possible. I reached a point to where I had tried everything to heal me, or so I thought. I remembered the Lord speaking to me as a child at the Ramp one time, so I asked my mom to take me back. I didn’t even know how to approach the Lord, because I felt so unworthy and disgusting. It was a morning service in the middle of worship, and I hit my face and just cried out before the Lord. He met me in that moment and embraced me with a love that mended my brokenness. I was still battling with a mental issue and felt the Father leading me to get baptized that afternoon. I was confused, but I was desperate for a touch from God. When I got baptized, I was completely healed from every mental disability!! The Lord encountered me like never before that day. 



I grew up with two wonderful Christian parents who supported me the best they know how, whether it was through church events, performing arts, sports, or videography. As the years passed by, I started to only focus on performing arts. I thrived in the arts the most and received a lot of attention from different groups of people. Around my Junior year of high school, I started to receive attention specifically from men. Thoughts and desires that I buried deep when I was younger started to come to the surface. 

I slowly began to engage in a homosexual lifestyle. I still believed in God, but my heart was not fully there and my identity was “performing.” I went to college for a year and dropped out because of the difficulties with my secret lifestyle, lack of true identity, and disobedience with my parents. Overall, I was confused and broken and my prayers to god consisted of “Lord why did I have to struggle with this…why couldn’t I have struggled with porn or drugs…why did you make me like this?”

One of my best friends, knew everything and she suggested that I go to the Ramp School of Ministry. I applied, got accepted, and moved to Hamilton, Alabama. I remember one specific morning prayer where I asked God once again to set me free from homosexuality. God spoke to me saying, “George, I have already set you free, you just have to start walking in freedom.” From that point on I have walked through a slow, but necessary process to freedom. The beautiful thing is the more I followed him and said no to my flesh, the more my homosexual desires faded away. My identity wasn’t to be a ”straight guy” who loves music, it was to simply be a son of the one true King. The more I believed that the more he showed me. 

I have completely been set free from that lifestyle and everything I used to do for the world. God has completely turned it around for his good and his glory. I can now say I feel whole and made new. I have a great relationship with my parents again, and God has given me a new identity. 

I still stand in awe of the blessings I am living in! 

— George


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