Marvelous Woman Conference – Nashville TN

Join Karen Wheaton, Lisa Bevere, Joni Lamb, Lisa Harper, and Jasmine Brady at a women’s conference like no other hosted by Candy Christmas. Expect for a strengthening of faith, hope, and vision from the Lord!

The conference is held from March 16th-18th. Karen Wheaton will be speaking on Saturday, March 18 at the morning service.

Regeneration Nashville – 726 W Old Hickory Blvd, Madison TN


Mar 18 2023


Times are CST
10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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    1. Hello Norma, thank you for asking about this! Yes, the conference will be live-streamed. Many blessings my friend❤️

  1. I was reading peoples questions about Parking, shuttling, ect. One question was IF I cannot come can I pass my ticket to someone else ? The answer was It is None Refundable, I get that, but it also said you COULD NOT give your ticket to someone else. I think that should be re-considered. You are Trying to Reach out to Women, to help them ?, right? This Dear Women took her Hard earned Money , Payed for that Ticket AND for an unseen reason(Maybe death in Family , Or) cannot come, THAT Ticket Should be able to Pass One. Please , As an Orginization that wants to Preach the Gospe,
    ll, Reconsider this. . . .. Thanks for hearing me out. Now I am not Angery and sayin this in Loud Anger, just Bringing it up, And I suppose I am not the only one that feels this way, just One of many that has exspressed it. Pray Blessings on this Awesome Conference.

    1. Hello dear Janet! Thank you so much for taking the time to suggest this❤️ Regeneration Nashville Church is the host of this women’s conference, and I know they are working tirelessly to make sure that each person is valued and attended to in every way they can! I am sure they would love to hear from you about this! Their email address is and their phone number is (615) 606-1635. Thank you again, and it is always a delight to hear from you☺️

  2. Dear Karen,
    You are so gracious in your responses to these precious women. Thank you for always responding with wisdom, patience and God’s love.
    I have just missed the FPF Spring Conference in Cleveland due to a death in our family. I live in Nashville and didn’t even hear about this one until today. Since I’m missing the conferences, I’m grateful you are streaming so many teachings on you website. They have been life-changing for me. The reality of Holy Spirit living in and through me has become my guide for my daily life since I started watching your teachings. Before, I knew in my head that He lives in me, but now He has invaded my mind and heart to the extent that I teach from His heart and mind and pray for others as He leads by Divine revelation. The Word has come alive in me because of your insights and example. I am now a usable vessel for God’s work on this earth, because He led me to Karen Wheaton’s Front Porch Friends and the Ramp.
    I’ve wanted to drive down and sit with you on that sanctified porch swing of yours to just hold your precious little hands and thank you. Next best thing was to meet you at a conference to tell you. And that may still happen one day, but I just needed to tell you today:
    I have encountered the Real Jesus through your inspired teachings, and He has renewed His call on my life to teach the Word and to pray for others as Holy Spirit gives wisdom and direction. I love these days with Jesus,
    And I love you, my dear sister, Karen. Thank you for being you and for sharing all God blessed you to be with me and untold number of people everywhere. Love in our Precious Savior,
    Sheryll Latham

    1. Dear Sheryll,
      My dear friend! Thank you for your encouraging words!! I am so grateful to hear how the Lord has blessed you… He is so faithful! I am thankful that Front Porch Friends and The Ramp have been so instrumental in your life. Jesus is everything. I pray His love continues to surround you every day!

      Much Love

  3. Dear Karen,
    How kind of you to respond with more encouragement.
    I want to briefly tell you about my son, David, who is a prodical. He lived close to the Lord until he was 16yo. We attended (almost lived) at Belmont Church in Nashville, TN where we still live……all in our separate families.
    I left his daddy because after 20 years of a celebate marriage. I gave up on praying for a miracle. Prayer for my husbands spiritual eyes to be opened had been answered after 12 years of praying when he received forgiveness, salvation, and Holy Spirit. But though we prayed together, read stacks of Christian books on healthy marriages, our relationship did not change very much. He started traveling more w his job, leaving David and me at home more than ever. I became depressed and David felt it.
    But that’s when we first found you! We lived in Pelham AL at that time and attended a spirit filled Methodist church where you came to sing(I think it was there). We both loved your big voice and glistening countenance and biiiig hair, and we loved being in the Spiritual atmosphere your worship took the whole church into. After that first encounter, we got your schedule and excitedly drove to your meetings all over Alabama. David was 7 through 9 during those years and God really used you to impact his life … and mine. No more depression! My faith was renewed, and I was back on Holy Spirit Road.
    Soon after, David called me into his room after bedtime so I brought in a glass of water and sat on his bed. As he drank it I sang a little praise song and then he asked me, “Mom how can I get Jesus to come into my heart? I want to be a Christian and live with Jesus for the rest of my life!” I almost burst into tears since I had been praying for this every day since he was born. He already knew so much about Jesus so I said, “tell Jesus you love him and all the reasons you want to be a Christian,” Oh how I wish I had hit the record button on the cassette player beside his bed. He needs to hear it again now. So loving and grateful. I asked if he had anything to say “I’m sorry” about. And that was precious too. He then promised Jesus his forever, and it was done!
    He attended a PCA Christian school, so he got to share the news the next day!
    So I’m sure his heart was given to Jesus that night, and I watched him grow in the Spirit and change in little ways the next few weeks. Then soccer season started and his mind was full of ways he could be the best goalie ever. He continued to pray and read his Bible and go to church, but he was consumed with improving his soccer skillsI I prayed with him over the games before and after and he loved that. He and I had a very sweet, open, trusting relationship.
    WhenDavid was ready to go to Jr High, my husband’s job moved us to Nashville. As I said before, we were active at Belmont church. My husband was a deacon there . My son was a worship leader for the very large teen class, and I was often on the stage leading the whole church in worship w a team and sometimes singing back up for Amy Grant and Michael W Smith as they lead worship. It was a whirlwind of activity for all of us, and we all loved it for about 2 years. Then we were asked to be on the board of A “Camp Fartherist Out” back in Alabama. We accepted and after meeting with the rest of the board, all Alabamians, we suggested our pastor, Don Finto, be the main speaker for the week. They asked him and he accepted. Since we were the only people he knew there, we introduced him to eveybody one by one , and we got to spend a lot of time with him too. Eventually we told him about our marriage issues, and after many hours of talking he said we needed to separate until my husband could get counseling with him and a professional. He also asked my husband to step down from being a deacon and me from the worship team. because of the scrutiny we would both face if we remained in leadership roles, Thankfully he didn’t request David to step down, but David did. He still
    had his intercessory prayer group meetin at our house every week, but he didn’t want to lead worship at that time. He started loosing his interest in all things at church. He stopped taking communion saying he didn’t believe in that anymore. In one of our conversations, he said he wasn’t going to do anything at church that he didn’t believe in. Also he was going to explore other religions and read the Koran.
    I asked him to please keep the Bible at the top of his list for teachings about the true God and he said he would. I also asked him to talk to me and his dad about the things he was learning and he agreed. But with all the marriage issues surrounding our divorce David rarely talked to us about anything. He was extremely hurt and angry about us getting a divorce. One day he looked me right in the eyes and said “ If God is who you say He is, you wouldn’t be getting a divorce!!!” He slammed the door very angry at me. From then on he always blamed me for the divorce and deeply resented me for it. I wanted to defend myself, but I didn’t want to expose his dads sin. So I took the blame and the rejection that. Came with it.
    He graduated from Lipscomb High School and turned his focused attention to his band and his song writing, planning to make that his career. And he did. He signed with RCA and moved to New York City. The rest is too much to tell and I don’t know most of it. He toured Europe and Asia for 5 or 6 years. Finally he “got sick of traveling and playing for drunks,” so he quit and came back to Nashville. Soon he married a good friend who had loved him for 7 years. She is a bright Jewish girl, Elizabeth, and a school teacher. Now after ten years of marriage and 2 boys, Isaac 10 and Moses 6
    She has become the biggest influence in David’s life. She basically hates Vhristatnd and thinks we are all like Trump. Until 6 months ago? My 3 grandsons came to our house almost every Saturday, but this year she has signed them up for activities on Say and Sunday, my heart is broken over that.
    David’s best guy friend is the leader of a large Unitarian gathering in Green hills. It seems that my David has made himself a bed of cuckaburros to sleep in.
    But this Mama hasn’t stopped praying for him to COME HOME to Jesus, and bring his family out of the darkness into God’s glorious light!!!! Your Front Porch Friends ministry has helped me emmencely, and did I tell you how I found you again after 40 years? David is the one who brought your name up over Christmas brunch and asked if I ever heard from you? That was the best gift I got this year…. Being reminded of Karen Wheaton. So as soon as everyone left I got out my phone and typed in your name and to my great surprise and delight, there you were…., a legend in my time! The next week I told David I had found you online! REALLY? I said yes and she still looks the same except her hair is shorter. He immediately looked you up too and said, yep she does still look the same! Do you know what she’s doing now? I told him about the RAMP using the word “prodical” What’s a prodical? I reminded him of the two brothers one who ran away and squandered all his resources on worldly things….”like you” He said “like me?” I said yes, you are my prodical. and I’m excellerating my prayers for God to bring you back home.. He thot for a second or two and said. ”Good luck on that” and we both smiled. He’s 49 now so I’m praying that by September, which will be his 50th birthday, will be his year of Jubilee!!!’ And he will come out of the dark places he’s been living where he can’t see the LIGHT, and he’ll be fully reconciled to His precious Redeemer…. Him and all his family and a host of others who admire him so much. This was a prophecy that was spoken over him by a stranger when he was around 15. He also said David had the heart of King David and God would use him to write unique songs not to please the people but to bring high holy worship to God. So you see the need for prayer after reading my “book” I know if you and the Front Porch friends pray along with me and my friends and family, that will certainly impact the Heavens and reach the magnificent Throneroom of God. So that by Sept 3, 2023 David will COME HOME.
    Thank you for reading all this. And I pray you will share it with your powerful prayer team. I also hope you’ll share it with the Ranp students because I know they will relate. And Id love to know your sweet mama and your Best friend, Pam(?) will also be praying for David. Just one request, when you share it with other please change all the names. There’s enough info here that Davidsfamilyfriends and fan’s might recognize him and he would be furious about that.

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